One thing I know for sure is that no matter how much our hearts yearn for it - there is no "perfect family". Our experiences of family will give us content to work through as adults no matter how wonderful or horrible they are. It's part of the human condition - and that can be hard.

Our family experiences can have such a huge range - from functional to dysfunctional to harmful - and part of our invitation is to find our own WHOLENESS in the midst of what we've been given and what we've experienced.

AND ... if you're a parent ... it's not just your own wholeness you're after - it's often because you are GALVANIZED that you will not pass on the patterns you were given, and that you are the cycle breaker, because your children deserve better.

But if there are no perfect families and no perfect people, HOW do we find and receive the HEALING we need and the WHOLENESS that our Souls KNOW is our birthright?

Where does WHOLENESS come from and how do we find healthy patterns to replace the pain and harm ... when the people who hurt us were supposed to love us? When they are no longer available?

In the Kabbalist Teachings, the Holy Family consists of 6 Members (and they work in three sets of relationship pairs).

1) The Absolute nature of the Divine,
2) Divine Will moving into the Creation,
3) The Divine Father,
4) The Divine Mother,
5) The Divine Child, and
6) The Holy Ground upon which they Live.

Obviously, Family and kinfolk have so many more kinds of people in it than this! And a thousand forms! But these core capacities are the basic ways that the Holy Family shows up within us: As the Divine, As the Divine in Action, through Fathering and Mothering, and Childlike Innocence, and the Provisioning that sustains us.

We can spend a lifetime healing and repairing our relationship with these Essential Ways of Loving and Living. Think about it - Whole spiritual lineages are dedicated to just one face of the Mother or the Father! This Healing from the Tree of Life contains the Grace to Bless and Heal the web of Love that is the Holy Family within us. Join us.

COME LET'S HEAL AND RESTORE our inner and outer experience of THE HOLY FAMILY, its members, and all their relationships.

Join us for a 2.5 hour potent group HOLY FAMILY HEALING & REINTEGRATION SESSION.
This is a full on, full tilt, transmission and healing process that helps us release, detoxify, heal, repattern, and RECEIVE the BENEDICTION of the HOLY FAMILY.

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