HEALING DAY #1: Soul Reclamation & Defragmentation

This 2.5 Hour transmission and healing technique-based Group Healing Session that brings you through a healing protocol that reclaims, heals, and reintegrates Soul Fragments across 144 Dimensions of Self and back into our Essential Divine Nature. Sign up for instant access to the video.

Sometimes, we have huge callings ... but are feel underpowered when we try to deliver on them. ..
Try as we might, and no matter how inspired we are ... we can't find the full power we need to enact the magic ... we might feel scattered, like we're missing software, like we're missing energy, and can't find the full traction we need.

And then we experience delay, stress, maybe shame, isolation or withdrawal because we feel like we "should be able to do the thing".
And in moments like this, we may be experiencing what is called Soul Fragmentation. This is a time when we need CARE, not Isolation. 


As we go through life we have countless experiences - not to mention that as our Soul goes through hundreds of lifetimes - the soul has countless experiences. Every major life change risks some soul loss, and then if properly handled, can be a powerful opening for Soul Reclamation.

Our Souls can become fragmented through adverse and traumatic events, when some part of us disassociates and leaves the scene to protect us from the experience.

In cases like these, we sometimes also have memory loss or blocking of the events, or only a partial recall.
In some cases, a part of our soul "hides out" in a different dimension or world. This is especially true for adverse events in childhood when we are too scared and need to find a place to hide. That part of us hides out in a different dimension or world until it's safe to come back.

Sometimes it does come back, and sometimes it doesn't come back, leaving us missing a part of ourselves and instead having pain that has taken up space that is meant for our Soul.

It takes a skilled healing practitioner to track, find, heal, and help us reintegrate parts of Self that have fled.
It's one of my greatest joys as a formally trained healer, and a skill that I haven't gotten to share enough in the last few years.

Join us for a 2.5 hour potent group Soul Reclamation and Defragmentation Session.

This is a full on, full tilt, transmission and healing technique based Group Healing Session that will bring us all through a healing protocol that reclaims, heals and reintegrates Soul Fragments across 144 Dimensions of Self and back into our Essential Divine Nature.

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